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COVER GTI, GTI SE, GTR and WAKE 170 (2020 and up)

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Weather-resistant trailering cover protects your watercraft during storage and trailering. Made of heavy-duty UV-resistant solution-dyed polyester canvas. Yellow fabric indicates handle insertion points. Zippered openings allow easy access to mooring cleats. Zippered opening accommodates LinQ accessories on the rear deck with the cover in place. Soft inner lining prevents panel abrasion. Areas prone to higher wear are reinforced with a layer of double canvas. Patented air release vent system for trailering. Side hooks secure the cover while trailering. Zippered opening permits easy access to the glove box, front storage and for refueling. Zippered opening allows the use of tie-downs for securing covered watercraft on the trailer.

Fits GTI, GTI SE, GTR and WAKE 170 (2020 and up)