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Shift 2017 Whit3 Ninety Seven Pants - Red

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We never compromise; we push the limits so we can test new ones. We intentionally SHIFT.

For MX17, we stripped away the frills, cut through the fat, hammered down and... focused. We focused on building more of what our riders need: improved performance, affordable quality, and unique, unrepressed, individualistic style. The results are more of what you need and less of what you don’t in our all new 3LACK and WHIT3 label products. Welcome to the next chapter of SHIFT.

This is where uncompromised value is defined.  Combining simple construction with quality fabrics and unique graphic techniques, WHIT3 LABEL racewear sets out to eviscerate former ideas of what you “can’t” expect from a value range gear set. The Ninety Seven WHIT3 LABEL range is everything the SHIFT brand stood for when it was founded back in 1997 by some of the most iconic figures in the history of the sport. Sharp styling and strong colours, the Ninety Seven has the style and authenticity that defines the individualism of those who are proud to represent SHIFT.

WHIT3 LABEL Pant Features:

  • 600D main body material provides excellent durability 
  • Articulated design in the hip and knees conform to the rider while in the ride position
  • Multiple stretch-zones ensure mobility and a contoured fit
  • Low profile cuff provides extra comfort while tucked into the boot