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Progrip 3400 Menace Goggle - Blue

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The Progrip goggles are one of the most famous masks on the market.

Used by many of World Championship riders in MX, Enduro and other similar motorsports is a meaning of succes and prestige.

The main features that puts the 3400 on many podiums are:

  • Lenses: Anti UV – Anti scratch – No Fog (Progrip patented NO FOG lens technology rated the best NO FOG performance on the market)
  • Built in tear off pins.
  • Foam: double density foam with hydro repellent and colored velvet.
  • Silicone treated strap to fix the strap on helmet.
  • Precut foam and molded channels for eyeglasses temples.
  • Homologation: EN 1938-2010