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Magic Flex LED Engine Kit - Red

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Original MagicFLEX® provide a 120 degree viewing angle with high output 3528 surface mount LEDs providing a consistent bright light output! All MagicFLEX® come with 48” color coded wire leads in high temp protective black sheathing, have a waterproof conformal coating, and are pre-taped with 3M™ adhesive tape for a durable installation. All LEDs are backed by a lifetime warranty against LED failure. 

Custom Dynamics® Original MagicFLEX® Engine Kit includes the following: 

2 x MagicFLEX® 24 LED strips (12" length)  for under the gas tank

3 x MagicFLEX® 6 LED strips (3" length) for mounting to the frame behind the seat, back of the air cleaner and inside the horn bell