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Harley-Davidson® Up Wing Silver Eagle Decal / Sticker, D328061, sized 3 x 2.5-inches. We disagree with those that say logos are a strategic identification/marketing tool, and not art. They may be associated with branding, but not art? Hardly. This Harley-Davidson® logo is actually more art than anything – it’s that beautiful. Our Harley® bald headed eagle has its talons firmly grasping the Bar & Shield® and it’s not happy with what he sees off to the left. It’s acting very protectively. The feathering is intricate, silvery, and the beak and eyes tell the rest of the story – don’t mess with my Bar & Shield®. This decal is ready to affix on any relatively flat and smooth surface, like your car’s windshield or back or side window, your motorcycle windshield, a game room mirror, or something like it. On display, the image says a lot about Harley-Davidson® and you. Made by Global Products, Inc. As a Harley-Davidson® licensee, GPII works to uphold the strong brand of Harley-Davidson® by creating products that can meet the high quality standards demanded of Harley® riders worldwide. If it’s made by Global Products for Harley-Davidson® you can rest assured that the quality is there. D328061.


  • Harley-Davidson® Decal
  • Up Wing Eagle Decal
  • Silver Wings
  • XS Size
  • Size: 3" x 2.5"
  • Manufacturer Part Number: D328061