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This Harley-Davidson® Eagle Winged Bar & Shield® Patch is large, measuring 7.75-inches wide and 10.25-inches high. There is nothing so iconic than the classic, quintessential Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield® logo, except when the Bar & Shield® is being protected by an American Bald Eagle! Only found on the American continent, the Bald Eagle not only looks majestic, it is tenacious and gives no quarter to intruders. It is no wonder that Harley-Davidson® incorporated this majestic icon of American strength and greatness into a logo. There is nothing so American as Harley-Davidson®, and since 1782 the American Bald Eagle, a raptor that protects and fights back if provoked, has been the US National Emblem. It seems only fitting that both would be combined into this iconic logo. This is a large size patch, suitable for sewing on the backside of leather or denim jackets and vests. It is also suitable for framing – it’s just that beautiful. The colours are rich, and the embroidery is exquisite.