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Harley-Davidson® Men's Fist Forward, Antique Nickel Finish Belt Buckle, HDMBU11417. Collect this unusual belt buckle years of use and hours of conversation. It is all that – a one-of-a-kind creation made in a vintage, distressed style with an antique nickel finish. This fist means business and each finger has a story to tell. The forefinger hammers home the fierce Harley® eagle. The middle finger has the famous Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield®. The ring finger has Willie G’s skull design looking straight into your soul. The pinky finger has a Fleur-de-lis, a motif representing many saints, enclosed in a spade symbol, representing a leaf of life. The final message when combined is up to the wearer, but we think they mean to live life to the fullest, the Harley® way. This belt buckle is heavy, made of high-quality metal, and it’s ready to ride. It pairs nicely with any belt, especially black, and it "biker’ up" almost any outfit. The buckle will fit any standard 1.5-inch belt strap (40mm). It measures about 3.75 x 3-inches and makes a great gift for any Harley® rider - comes in a beautiful presentation box.