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Harley-Davidson® Classic Bar & Shield Can Flat Wrap Cooler and Insulator

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The word Koozie™ is a trademark of the Société BIC S.A. Corporation, of Clichy, France. It has been loosely used over the years to describe insulating devises used to help retrain the cold in cold canned beverages. The Koozie™ is similar to Harley-Davidson’s® Can Flat Wrap Cooler and Insulator, which is designed to do the same thing – to insulate the can. This wrap features a classic Bar & Shield® logo and is made of durable neoprene. It is a perfect accessory to enjoy an ice cold can of beer, or a soda pop. The insulator does two things: (1) It helps the beverage to retain its cold by virtue of its insulating properties. Ambient air warming is slowed, and the can is also insulated from the heat in your hand. And (2), you hand is more comfortable because you don’t feel the cold of the can, either. It’s a win both ways. 


  • Harley-Davidson® Can Flat Wrap
  • Features a classic Bar & Shield logo
  • Made of neoprene
  • Black
  • Perfect accessory to enjoy an ice cold can of beer, or pop of course too!
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CF30280