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Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Medium Decal

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Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield® Decal Sticker, Medium Size. Of all the Harley-Davidson® logos, of which there are many, this is arguably the most recognized logo for all time. Its form, with a wide bar with Harley-Davidson® lettering, super imposed over a shield with the words Motor Cycles, has forever entered the realm of timelessness. It measures approximately 4-inches wide, and 3-inches high, so it is suitable for placing in the lower corner of a windshield, the back window, on a windscreen, or on any relatively flat, smooth surface, like a mirror. Made by Global Products, Inc. As a Harley-Davidson® licensee, GPII works to uphold the strong brand of Harley-Davidson® by creating products that can meet the high quality standards demanded of Harley® riders worldwide. If it’s made by Global Products for Harley-Davidson® you can rest assured that the quality is there.

  • Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Decal
  • Orange Bar & Shield Logo
  • Medium Size
  • 3 15/16" W x 3 1/8" H
  • Manufacturer Part Number: D3023