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Gargoyle X07 2-in-1 Helmet Matte Black

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Two ways, endless adventure. You can wear the Gargoyle X07 2-in-1 Helmet with the face mask for more coverage, or without the mask as a half helmet. Its fiberglass construction features a micro-lock buckle retention system, vents and perforation for airflow, a retractable sun shield that’s fog- and scratch-resistant, and a washable antimicrobial liner. Stay connected and rock to your road-trip playlist with its BOOM! Audio 20S Bluetooth® compatibility. See more in the specs below …

• Average Weight: 1,280 grams.
• Helmet Construction: Fiberglass shell. Micro-lock buckle retention system.
• Stay Cool: Front vents on top of helmet and breathing perforations on face mask.
• Interior & Linings: Moisture-wicking antimicrobial liner is removable and washable.
• Bluetooth Specifications: Compatible with BOOMTM Audio 20S Bluetooth® Helmet Headset.
• Additional Features: This unique 3/4 helmet can be worn two ways for added comfort. For full comfort, add the optional face mask. Or to wear as a 3/4 helmet, remove the face mask. Features include retractable sun shield features 95% UV protection, anti-fog coating, and anti-scratch coating. Helmet bag included.
• Manufacturer & Certification: Scorpion. 3/4 shell meets ECE 22-05 requirements. Additional components are for comfort only and do not provide any safety features.