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EK Chains 428 Heavy Duty Gold 136L Race Chain

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All EK Chains motocross chains utilize our CRH pin treatment which provides an extremely hard outside coating and softer inside to increase strength and reduce chain wear. Exclusive to EK Chains, the Chormium Carbide pin surface coating also offers superior impact and shock absorption while reducing oxidation caused by natural elements.

The 428SRDH also features lightening holes in the side plates to reduce the chain's overall weight by 3% without compromising tensile strength. These holes also extend the service life of the chain by dissipating heat and helping reduce dirt and mud build up.


  • Pin: Diameter 4.5mm Length 19mm
  • Roller: Diameter 8.51mm
  • Plate Thickness: Inner 1.8mm, Outer 1.8mm
  • Tensile Strength: 5,900 lbs.
  • Wear Life Index: 400 (Std. as 100)
  • Weight (100 Links): 1.03kg
  • Max Disp. CC's: Dirt 200