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EBC Honda CBR600/1000 Sintered Front Brake Pad FA390

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The EBC Double-H brake pads are known in riding circles everywhere as THE brake pad for upgraded braking peformance. It is the undisputed king of go fast motorcycle brakes. These are so popular, in fact,, they are considered the go to brake pad by many performance riding enthusiasts. You've probably heard someone at some point say "Get hh pads".  EBC HH brake pads are made in the USA using sintered copper alloy of the highest quality.

* Benefit from the highest friction HH rating for maximum stopping power which is highest in the industry

* Provide superb “brake feel” and they last twice as long as organic pads.

* Longer lasting than organic pads and provide maximum brake effect with zero rotor damage.

* They provide perfect braking under all riding conditions: wet, dry, hot or cold.

* EBC “double segment” vented design keeps your brakes cooler and prevents drag and overheat or fade.

* Ideal for the aggressive rider who demands the absolute best in braking performance.