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Lockstrap Locking Tie Downs

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101off road
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Locking Tie Down Strap #101

The strap is 2.6 metres long with a soft tie extension included for no scratching. Two hardened steel (Heat Treated) combination locking carabiners. Each carabiner is 22 cm tall and 8 cm wide. 8 Braided stainless steel cable is fitted inside the full length of strap. Beefy galvanized steel rivets to put it all together. The straps have a 226 kg working load. If you do not want someone to loosen the Lockstraps after you secure something, tie the left over strap behind the sliding clasp (as many times as needed to get rid of slack) then put the last loop inside the carabiner along with the other loop. Set your own combination, and you can change the combination any time you like, you only need a ball point pen. We suggest that you set the combinations different on each carabiner.

USES: These Lockstraps can be used to transport your bike, jet ski etc, once the bike is unloaded use the straps to secure fuel cans, bike ramps or any other loose luggage with a secondhand sale value. You can also secure your trailer to the vehicle